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Challenge Success reaches out to parents

Parents and administrators come together at the Challenge Success meeting to discuss stress at MVHS. Although only 17 parents attended, the PTSA hopes to reach more community members with a campus-wide survey. Photo by Karen Feng.

Karen Feng

January 22, 2014

PTSA holds Challenge Success meeting on Jan. 14 to introduce program, brainstorm with parents. Read More »...

Senior Kevin Bishop recruited to run for Stanford University

Senior Kevin Bishop stands with his father, Cary Bishop, and his coaches, Mike Dudley (far right)  and Willy Harmatz (far left). Kevin Bishop signed a contract to run for Stanford University’s Cross Country team starting next fall in a small ceremony at the conference room of the office. Photo by Margaret Lin.

Amrutha Dorai

February 5, 2012

After seventh period on Feb. 1, the conference room in the office most closely resembled a convention on Cardinal pride. Stanford University paraphernalia was everywhere: a redwood-embroidered banner clung to the wall, red and white balloons floated at the back counter, and a Stanford baseb...

Throwdown with Coach Klemm

Throwdown with Coach Klemm

Amrutha Dorai

December 7, 2011

Wrestling has long been stereotyped as a brutal sport. In the minds of many, it is reserved for those of great macho and belligerence. After all, the whole point is to pin the other guy down. The irony, therefore, is that new wrestling coach Kevin Klemm's true passion for coaching comes from an almost...