El Estoque

Asiya Shaikh (right) takes a picture with her older sister Huda Shaikh (left) on Eid. After completing the prayers, Shaikh and her sister participated in fun activities and ate from tables of food.

Celebrating Ramadan

Taryn Lam and Shivani Madhan May 1, 2022
Highlighting the experiences of Muslim students at MVHS
The MV IASA officer team kicks off Spotlite on India 2022 with a welcome from President and senior Atmaja Patil.

IASA hosts first in-person Spotlite on India in two years

Shivani Madhan and Jiya Singh April 18, 2022
Diving deeper into the night of cultural performances


Exploring various types of conversations in our community

Man on the street: April Fools’ edition

Mikaylah Du and Shivani Madhan April 1, 2022
Asking MVHS students incredibly serious questions on this incredibly serious occasion
Living with depression and anxiety

Living with depression and anxiety

Shivani Madhan March 21, 2022
My experiences being diagnosed with mental health challenges
A student and teacher engaging in conversation | Graphic by Angela Zhang

The importance of direct communication in a school setting

Shivani Madhan and Kripa Mayureshwar March 18, 2022
How students navigate engaging in conversations with their teachers
Through a black and white lens

Through a black and white lens

Shivani Madhan February 18, 2022
Examining the dangers of viewing emotions, events and people in black and white
Language in Media

Language in Media

Examining how the rhetoric used in modern media permeates our daily lives
An interactive image created with Genially defining various AAVE phrases

Giving credit where it’s due

Shivani Madhan December 11, 2021
Examining the linguistic appropriation of AAVE in modern rhetoric
Speaking up

Speaking up

Shivani Madhan December 10, 2021
How my fear of confrontation has impacted my relationships


Examing the role of perception in our lives
Squid Game characters Cho Sang-woo, Seong Gi-hun and Kang Sae-byeok (pictured left to right)

‘Squid Game’ is a horrifying yet enthralling depiction of human nature

Shivani Madhan and Lillian Wang October 6, 2021
Director Hwang Dong-hyuk’s latest K-drama provides a remarkable twist on classic survival game shows
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