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A sit-down with filmmaker and REX co-president Yash Goyal

A sit-down with filmmaker and REX co-president Yash Goyal

Trisha Kholiya

December 10, 2016

A scene plays out live in front of the director's eyes, with the lens of the camera separating the film from the action. From behind the lens of the Canon 70D camera they use to produce the majority of their bigger films, REX production members watch their written scripts performed aloud as they record ...

REX Productions releases ‘Absolution’

William (junior Zach Sanchez, pictured) attempts to reason with Jack (junior Thaddeus Tarshis) following a dispute over William’s lack of time spent with Jack. The conflict between the two and Jack’s subsequent guilt serves as the focus of the film. Source: REX Productions.

Varsha Venkat

April 24, 2015

 frustrated high school student named William (junior Zach Sanchez) stands, hand-to-head, on the dirt hiking trail as his friend Jack (junior Thaddeus Tarshis) walks away, map in hand. The screen goes dark, and Jack reappears, staring at an article reporting that William has been missing for a we...

Club Day held March 21

Colin Ni

March 30, 2014

Delayed Club Day held on basketball courts, reduced profits Club officers looked eagerly while students began to swarm the basketball courts at the start of lunch on March 21. In hopes of raising funds, 67 clubs in attendance sold a variety of food to students and faculty, ranging from treats such...

Behind the Scenes of ‘Two Halves’

During one of the flashbacks in the film, Kristen (senior Kaz Tarshis) relives her and Mark’s (junior Mikey Goldman) first date in the park. The short movie is REX Productions’ sixth film since the club‘s inception last year. Source: REX Productions.

Varsha Venkat

January 28, 2013

REX Productions gives an inside look into the filmmaking process behind its latest movie. Read More »

REX club casts actors

REX club casts actors

Angela Liu

December 7, 2011

Who is Sheldon McKinsey? He is a shy, awkward and out-of-place teenager who momentarily dives into the realm of popularity. He is also fictional; McKinsey is just a character of a future flick, “Your Best Company.” On Dec. 6, REX Productions held its first casting call in room B109. REX Productions, a club created by fre...