Club Day held March 21

Colin Ni

Delayed Club Day held on basketball courts, reduced profits

Club officers looked eagerly while students began to swarm the basketball courts at the start of lunch on March 21. In hopes of raising funds, 67 clubs in attendance sold a variety of food to students and faculty, ranging from treats such as MVFBLA’s Beard Papa cream puffs to the Class of 2016’s mango lassis.

Club Days are ordinarily held at the beginning of each semester, but this one was moved to ease the planning process and to allow for more time to advertise, according to Club Commission. The usual date used to interfere with the logistics of Club Promotion Day which often takes place the day before.

Regardless of the change of date, many clubs still found the event to be successful, but not so much as it was when the event was in its original timeframe. According to President junior Eric Xu, REX Productions does not depend on the profits from Club Day but still benefits from it. However, its profits have dropped approximately $40 this year as compared to previous years, and Xu believes that the change in date could possibly be a reason why.

“I guess it could be due to the fact that it’s further away from club [promo] day so it’s less on people’s mind,” Xu said. “People are more used to buying it a week after.”

Pictures from the event are shown in the gallery below.