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Powderpuff: How each grade level prepared for and executed their performances

Powderpuff: How each grade level prepared for and executed their performances
Cheer and football coaches explain their processes for preparing their teams
May 24, 2019

Class pitted against class. Hundreds of students gathered in the bleachers to cheer on their teams with painted faces, color-coordinated outfits and voices ready to scream. For most of the school, Powderpuff...

The story behind 2019’s Powderpuff three peat championship

The story behind 2019’s Powderpuff three peat championship
Exploring why the class of 2019 has been so successful in winning Powderpuff
April 11, 2019

Upcoming events for ‘21

Upcoming events for ‘21
Sophomore class officers plan for upcoming class events
February 4, 2019

With the start of the new semester, preparations for new class-wide activities are underway, including the Winter Rally, a class movie night and Powderpuff. Sophomore and Vice President Vivian Jiang, sophomore...

Sophomores prepare for 2017 Powderpuff

Sophomores prepare for 2017 Powderpuff
March 9, 2017

A crowd in the bleachers, cheerleaders on the track and players reviewing the playbook. Although this sounds like the scene for the MVHS football team playing under the Friday night lights, it isn’t;...

Photogallery: Powderpuff 2015

Photogallery: Powderpuff 2015
March 23, 2015

*Correction: Seniors won against freshman by 28 points not 21  MVHS holds a Powderpuff tournament each year, where the girls get the football and the guys get the pom poms. The games will take place...

Powderpuff 2014 Finals Sophomores vs Seniors

Senior coaches Rami Dwidar and Justin Cena celebrate their teams success at the end of the game.
March 16, 2014

The Class of 2014 takes home their second Powderpuff championship On March 14,2014 The Classes of 2014 and 2016 competed in the Powderpuff Finals. These are Highlights from that game.

Powderpuff 2014 Finals pre game show

March 13, 2014

The class of 2014 hopes to reclaim their title, the class of 2016 attempts to claim their first championship. It is official, The final game is between the class of 2014 and the class of 2016. Coming...

Powderpuff 2015 vs 2016 highlights

March 12, 2014

The Powderpuff game between the Sophomores and Juniors resulted in a tie. The ending of this game was controversial as it resulted in a rematch opposed to the previous tie in which the Seniors were...

Powderpuff 2015 v 2016: what happened?

March 12, 2014

A look into how the game ended, and why there will be a rematch After the juniors scored the first touchdown early in the game, the sophomores threw thrice, the third of which made it into the endzone,...

2014 Seniors vs Freshmen Powderpuff highlights

March 12, 2014

The Seniors played the Freshmen on March 11,2014. The game resulted in a tie which was settled by best cheer. The Seniors won best cheer and are moving onto the finals. The next game between the...

Powderpuff to be postponed because of early Homecoming

Powderpuff 2012
September 5, 2013

Homecoming week has traditionally included events such as the football game, eponymous rally and the Powderpuff games and cheers. In the past, all of these activities took place in mid-October, but...

POWDERPUFF: 2013 vs. 2014

“It was really the dedication and motivation from the losses last year; frankly, they were tired of losing all the time,” senior class president Tommer Schwarz said. “They wanted to go out and win, and they put the best team forward to go and do that.  Photo by Margaret Lin
October 11, 2012

On Oct. 10, the seniors defeated the juniors 16-7 in the Powderpuff final. The seniors, who cruised to a 28-0 victory over the freshmen on Oct. 4, consistently held a strong offense to score two touchdowns....

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