Powderpuff 2015 v 2016: what happened?

Mihir Joshi

A look into how the game ended, and why there will be a rematch

Sophomore Monica Polgar runs the ball in a controversial pick-six.
Sophomore Monica Polgar runs the ball in a controversial pick-six.

After the juniors scored the first touchdown early in the game, the sophomores threw thrice, the third of which made it into the endzone, but was ruled not a touchdown. There was confusion between the officials and student leadership as to whether a team was required to throw a minimum of two times for every new set of first downs, or whether they had to throw twice exactly. The rules were changed this year such that there must be two passes and two runs exactly. The official decision made at the moment was that the third throw was illegal, and that there would be a turnover on downs. The score at that point was ruled 6-0, in the favor of the juniors.

On the following drive by the juniors, sophomore Monica Polgar intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown, tying the game 6-6. The rules of powderpuff state that every player must have three flags on them, placed on the two sides and back of their belt. On this play, Polgar had only two flags, both placed between the front and sides of her belt. The play was officially ruled a touchdown.

After this play, no team was able to score and the football game ended tied 6-6. When the game is tied, the decision as to which team will move onto the final game is made using the higher score for the cheer, as it happened on March 11 when the 12-12 score, but a higher cheer score from the seniors sent them to a final game. In the 2015-2016 game, the cheer scores were tied as well.

Thus the decision was made to have a 12 minute rematch of the 2015-2016 game during lunch on March 13. The winner of the rematch will go on to play the seniors on March 14.