Photogallery: Powderpuff 2015

Photogallery: Powderpuff 2015

Avni Prasad

*Correction: Seniors won against freshman by 28 points not 21 

MVHS holds a Powderpuff tournament each year, where the girls get the football and the guys get the pom poms. The games will take place this week, but players and cheerleaders have been practicing every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch since Feb. 2. The football team vigorously trains, receiving special coaching from a few hand-picked football players. And cheerleaders work to perfect their routine choreographed by girl dancers and cheerleaders for the halftime show.

First Round Games:

Wednesday, March 25
Class of 2015 vs. Class of 2018

Seniors won by 28 points

Thursday, March 26
Class of 2016 vs. Class of 2017

Juniors won by 14 points

Finals Game:

Thursday, March 26
Class of 2015 vs. Class of 2016

Seniors won by 7 points

Seniors vs. Juniors

Sophomores vs. Juniors

Freshmen vs. Seniors Game

Practice Photos

Photos by Avni Prasad