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Bouquet of orchids

Bouquet of orchids

Alyssa Hui, Claire Wen, Helen Chao, Hannah Lee, Herman Saini, and Collin Qian

April 9, 2019

The Malihini Orchid Society hosts the 2019 Annual Orchid Sale and Culture

Urban Farming: Sprouting into the future

The sign hangs over the plants, reading: natural selection, Sprouts MVHS Gardening.

Sebastian Zhang

May 4, 2016

Photos by Sebastian Zhang Limes ripen under the sun. A drunken butterfly floats by with the wind. Shovels lie around in planter boxes, with plants in some, others empty. Weeds eat their way from the outskirts in. Slowly, relentlessly. But there is a greater force at play. When school’s out and the...