El Estoque

Junior Jacob Vrabel began learning to play the guitar over the summer with help from his parents, as his dad has played guitar for 15 years, and his mom has played since she was young.

Budding musicians

Claire Wen September 25, 2020
Students share about learning new musical instruments during quarantine
Holding onto my childhood passion

Holding onto my childhood passion

Jasmine Lee October 24, 2019

hat began as an ambitious attempt to one-up an academically-outstanding classmate in kindergarten transformed into my ultimate passion. The piano and I go way back; I remember how I raced to my Taiwanese...

What I’ve learned from performing in piano recitals

What I’ve learned from performing in piano recitals

Brian Xu March 15, 2019

’ve been playing the piano for eight years now — at this point, I’ve been playing for half my life. Every week consists of practicing scales and technique, learning etudes (practice pieces) and...

Performers prepare for the Heart Beats concert. The event held on March 23 at the auditorium included performances from violinists, cellists, flutists, and vocalists. Photo by Shuyi Qi.

Heart Beats concert held on March 23.

Shuyi Qi March 28, 2013

The first  Heart Beats Concert held by the Musicians Society, includes performances from a variety of classical and contemporary music, ranging from Bach to Sara Bareilles. All the proceeds from the...

New kids on the block

New kids on the block

Tiffany Lau May 9, 2010

Passive Walk is a brand new kind of two-person band Movies often brainwash the mind to believe that a high school band is a ruckus in a garage, but not all bands fall into the stereotype. Sophomores...

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