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New kids on the block


Passive Walk is a brand new kind of two-person band

Movies often brainwash the mind to believe that a high school band is a ruckus in a garage, but not all bands fall into the stereotype. Sophomores Krista Trieu and Ian Hurtada, founders of a two-person band, Passive Walk, are not your typical instrument-banging teenagers. 
Sophomores Krista Trieu and Ian Hurtado have been creating music together since eigth grade. Their band is now called Passive Walk. Photo by Tiffany Lau.

Trieu and Hurtado have been making music together since eighth grade, but they have recently renamed their band from Just Your Daily Dosage to Passive Walk. The name is a political statement rooted in a non-violent anarchy where there are "passive" protestors. Although the name may be political, their music is not.

"Their style is very hard to define. It’s kind of alternative but with a folk-like twist on it," fan and friend sophomore Anna Shabrova said.

Both Trieu and Hurtado like different, yet similar music styles. Hurtado likes tribal-esque music and artists like Jethro Tull, while Trieu likes alternative and artists like The Who. However, they both like the 60’s pop style. Passive Walk incorportates all three different styles together.

"We smoosh [the styles] together and theoretically it shouldn’t work, but it does," Trieu said. "It’s quite catchy."

Passive Walk can create those "catchy" tunes, even with only a few instruments. Hurtado is the main vocalist and plays the flute, while Trieu plays the bass instruments such as the guitar and piano. Sometimes she also sings background vocals. 

"I think Passive Walk is two people who are always willing to lounge about and have a good time, but at the same time write brilliant music," Shabrova said. "They’ve always managed to make me laugh and distract me from whatever happened to be stressing me out."

Their focus is to make light-hearted songs that can make people laugh. Making it big in the music world is not on their minds.

"They’re all about having a good time and living life to the fullest," Shabrova said. "I’d have to say the worst thing is that because they’re not a mainstream group they have little opportunity for gigs."

But their opportunity has come. Passive Walk will be playing at the Kennedy Spring Fest on May 21.

So the next time a high school band is mentioned, there is no need for the images of head banging and screaming teenagers. A new band with a new style is on the block and is ready to have a good time: Passive Walk.



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