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El Estoque

Economic teacher Pete Pelkey worked in a variety of professions, ranging from being a paramedic to working at a funeral home.

Pete Pelkey’s peculiar past

Ananya Chaudhary, Dylan Nguyen, and Aashi Venkat April 6, 2024

Ananya Chaudhary · Pete Pelkey’s peculiar past EE: Hi guys, my name is Ananya Chaudhary, I'm Dylan Nguyen. And I'm Aashi Venkat, and today we're going to be talking with Pete Pelkey, who is...

Members of the California Reparations Task Force hold a meeting at San Diego State Universitys Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, on Jan. 28.  Photo courtesy of Kamilah Moore | Used with permission

Repairing the past

Brandon Xu and Eric Zhou December 9, 2023

The California Reparations Task Force proposed plans to provide reparations for African Americans in California with ancestors who were enslaved. According to California Reparations Task Force chairperson...

Graphic by Amberly Sun

Putting Pressure

Amberly Sun and Kaia Yuan December 8, 2023

Student A will remain anonymous due to privacy concerns. As junior Ali Malik scrolled through a news story on his phone, his eyes locked on a specific article and his thumb slowly swiped against the...

The tipping point

The tipping point

Dylan Nguyen and Sonia Verma October 28, 2023

Economics teacher and former chauffeur Pete Pelkey recalls his days as a limousine driver, where he once received a tip of 70 dollars and a bottle of champagne from a client. Generous tipping from customers...

Population Politics

Population Politics

Krish Dev and Aditya Shukla June 1, 2023
Breaking down responses to address FUHSD’s declining enrollment issue
Senior Daniel Yang holds his cross. He wears it every day as a part of his faith.

Looking to a higher power

Melody Cui October 7, 2022
The MVHS community voices their perspective on religion
Senior Matvey Jenssen wears a self-made T-shirt with the phrase “no war” printed across the front in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Reacting to the Russia-Ukraine War

Anna Kaminitz, Jisha Rajala, and Matthew Yoshimoto April 27, 2022
Exploring student and staff perspectives on the humanitarian crisis
The Non-Fungible Takeover

The Non-Fungible Takeover

Lillian Wang and Sonia Verma March 11, 2022
Investigating the recent popularity of NFTs
A bouquet of roses were placed in the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters to commemorate the lives lost during 9/11. Photo by Patrick Kelley

Remembering 9/11

Gauri Manoj and Alex Zhang September 11, 2021
Adults recount the tragedy and its impact on the 20th anniversary
Victorine poses with his family on Halloween

A fraction of time

MVHS community members in different age groups reflect on the pandemic year in the context of their lives
Exploring the stories of Cupertino residents, students and teachers

Humans of Cupertino

Discovering the stories that populate Cupertino
Green thumbs: MVHS students and teachers share passion for gardening

Green thumbs: MVHS students and teachers share passion for gardening

Charlotte Chui February 6, 2020
The motivation and process behind their gardens
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