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Transitioning from a hands-on to hands-off classroom proves challenging

Justin E Kim and Mira Wagner September 18, 2020
Students and teachers explain the adjustment to learning over Zoom
Akshat Debanth utilizes these dumbbells from home to stay fit.

Physical Education from home presents unique challenges

Anika Sharma September 13, 2020
Students examine the pros and cons of taking PE classes during remote learning
Analyzing why middle school PE is harder than PE 9

Analyzing why middle school PE is harder than PE 9

Roshan Fernandez February 8, 2017

he transition between middle school and high school was difficult for many students, including complications such as switching friend groups, learning to cope with a more competitive environment, and having...

Analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of weight training

Analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of weight training

Roshan Fernandez September 30, 2016

Physical education teacher Jeffrey Thomas sees one defining factor in weight training — its impact on someone’s body. “You can really metamorphosize both how you look and how you feel about...

Q&A: PE teacher Jeffrey Thomas searching for new ping-pong equipment

Aditi Desai November 21, 2014

El Estoque sits down with PE teacher Jeffrey Thomas to discuss the equipments necessary for potentially creating a new ping-pong unit. El Estoque: Why do you need ping pong tables? Jeffrey Thomas:...

The typical theft

The typical theft

Sara Yang May 23, 2010

Theft hits the boys locker room — again May 19 seemed like it would be a typical even-block period day for sophomore Ryan Chen.  As he walked out of the boys locker room from his fourth...

Items stolen from girls locker room

Items stolen from girls’ locker room

Kriti Garg January 15, 2010

https://elestoque.org/images/stories/topheadlines/lockerrobbig.jpgSeveral girls in the locker room found money and possessions missing after class  A new wave of robberies has hit the girls' locker...

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