Items stolen from girls’ locker room

Items stolen from girls locker room

Kriti Garg

Several girls in the locker room found money and possessions missing after class 

A new wave of robberies has hit the girls’ locker room. On Jan. 14 during first period, backpacks were rifled through with reports of stolen money and an iPhone.

Petty thefts have occurred in the past, but the thefts seem to be occurring more frequently. In the span of two weeks, various amounts of money have gone missing; a pair of jeans and dance shoes were stolen earlier this year. 
"It never occurred to me that people might by spying on me and watching [me]," the owner of the stolen iPhone said.  "I just really trusted the environment I was in, but I guess [I shouldn’t have]." The victim wishes to remain anonymous.
While some victims are dealing with their losses, others are using the incident as a wake-up call to change their own locker room habits.

"We’ve heard [about thefts] several times, but until it actually happens to us, we don’t even know about it," sophomore Aafreen Mahmood said. "It’s just [that we] are being stupid [when] we don’t lock up [our] stuff."

Any known information concerning the thefts should be reported to administration as soon as possible.  Check back on as this story develops.