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Dancing through a screen

Hirai and her dance class posing for a photo after their dance session. Photo courtesy of Sydney Hirai.

Tabitha Mendez

April 5, 2020

Dance Academy USA holds classes through video calls while under quarantine

Swipe right?

Swipe right?

Ayah Ali-Ahmad

December 20, 2019

The rise in teenage dating apps like Yubo and Spotafriend

From teacher to friend

From teacher to friend

Ria Kolli

May 22, 2018

During her freshman year, sophomore Neha Balusu decided to search up her elementary and middle school teachers on her Facebook. Without hesitating, she pressed “send friend request,” hoping that she could continue keep in touch with her favorite teachers. “I don’t really care if they see what I ...

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Jasmine Lee

April 11, 2018

When junior Sam Liu started their Tumblr account, they didn’t expect people to notice their art. They didn’t expect to gain attention from the others on the same social media platform. They didn’t know that they would be well-known on social media for their passion for art. Over the last six ...

Fantasy Sports Breakdown

Fantasy Sports Breakdown

Priya Reddy

November 15, 2017

As the NFL season progresses, fans are looking forward to seeing which players will play well this year. But their hopes do not come purely from being pro-sports enthusiasts. People now cross their fingers for their favorite players as their play during the season will determine the status of their f...

Three reasons why girls wear makeup

Vanessa Qin

October 6, 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9OMC7GY7po Arts and entertainment will be running an article on this topic in the October issue of El Estoque.

Winner of Miss America 2014 helps break traditional beauty stereotypes

Gabriella Monico

October 7, 2013

An unexpected occurrence happened at this year’s Miss America Pageant: An Indian woman snagged the crown. And the best part of all was her embracement of her beautiful dark skin and her pride in her heritage. The Miss America Pageant did a wonderful job at disregarding race and picking the best contestant...

Awareness raising events help students find cheap moral gratification

Awareness raising events help students find cheap moral gratification

Eva Spitzen

October 13, 2012

Anyone that has a Facebook account saw it. They scrolled through 36 statuses that all consisted of only a heart posted to rid the world of breast cancer. The desperate reposted pleas to wear purple to cure Alzheimer’s. The makeshift Sharpie tattoos on girls forearms that are going to completely put ...