Zoom school replaces in-person learning during pandemic

Examining various perspectives about instruction through a screen

By Michelle Chen, Sophia Chen, Krish Dev, Devin Gupta, Justine Ha, Tanish Mendki and Matthew Yoshimoto

The freshman perspective

Exploring the experiences of freshmen this year compared to those of their upperclassmen siblings

By Suraj Gangaram, Graphic by Iman Malik and Anika Sharma

The family perspective

Exploring the struggles that households face with working online

By Tanish Mendki, Graphic by Jannah Sheriff

The wholesome perspective

Exploring teacher and student perspectives on Zoom school

By Sophia Chen and Justine Ha, Graphic by Sophia Ma

The club perspective

Examining the new 2020 club application process and how existing clubs are adapting

By Michelle Chen, Graphic by Iman Malik

The fatigue perspective

Students and staff explore methods of combating Zoom fatigue

By Matthew Yoshimoto, Graphic by Iman Malik

The technology perspective

Exploring reactions to technology during distance learning

By Krish Dev, Graphic by Mikaylah Du

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