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New times, old traditions: Different types of new year’s celebrations

New times, old traditions: Different types of new year's celebrations

Michelle Wong

January 31, 2018

rom the traditional Persian Haft-Seen to making mochi, different cultures have their own unique ways of welcoming the new year. Although not all of these celebrations fall on the same day, students can be seen celebrating their heritages and hoping for good fortune in the upcoming months. For sophomore Ka...

(Re)discovering old slang

(Re)discovering old slang

Ashmita Chakraborty

May 4, 2015

Are you a man on the moon? How crunk is your favorite band’s new album? Who are your homeskillets? How many of these vintage terms do you recognize? A conversation between friends decades ago may vary greatly from a similar conversation between friends today, due to differences in slang, jargon...

Different memories of the old cafeteria

Atharva Fulay

February 15, 2013

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