El Estoque

World War 3 becomes a meme

Used with permission from Parssa Alimadad

Robert Liu and Collin Qian

January 10, 2020

How the influx of WWIII memes affects MVHS students’ and teachers’ views on world events

MV Politics Club attends its first convention of the year

Members of politics club and club advisor Pete Pelkey pose for a photo after attending the fall state convention. Photo used with permission by Nelson Mu.

Jacqueleine Liu

November 25, 2019

Politics Club reflects on their experiences at fall state

Getting to know Politics Club

Getting to know Politics Club

Jacqueleine Liu

September 27, 2019

tanding in front of a congress assembly, junior Eric Lee feels nothing but excitement. He is prepared to deliver his points about healthcare and speaks passionately while simultaneously maintaining an objective tone. According to Lee, his powerful delivery is made possible in part from the training he’s g...

Shifting perspectives owing to Model UN

Shifting perspectives owing to Model UN

Oishee Misra

May 23, 2019

Model UN training officer Nelson Mu shares insights about his past two years in the club