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MVDT: On the road to Nationals

The Northern California State Classic is an event organized by the United Spirit Association (USA) and hosted by MVHS. After four weeks of back-to-back competitions on the weekends, the dancers competed on Feb. 8 in a pool of 19 local high schools.

Sreya Kumar

February 14, 2020

The team reflects back on a successful competition season

Off the high dive

Off the high dive

Akshara Majjiga

April 21, 2017

n seventh grade, a couple of years after junior Demetra Williams first launched into her diving career, she recalls being asked if diving even qualified as a sport. The boy who asked her was confused; he assumed divers just climbed a ladder and jumped off of a board, not really noticing what may have gone ...

Cheer and Song: Teams describe their successes at USA Nationals

Cheer and Song: Teams describe their successes at USA Nationals

Chetana Ramaiyer

April 17, 2017

uring the weekend of Mar. 25, while most juniors were at Junior Prom, the MVHS Cheer and Song teams were in southern California for USA Spirit Nationals. The weeks leading up to the competition were intense for the two teams, with eleven practices total between JAMZ Nationals and the following USA Nation...

Dance Team named second runner up, overall National Grand Champion

All 21 members of dance team perform in the large dance division. Photo used with permission of Bob Griswold.

Rachel Beyda

April 2, 2012

It was time for finals. The best of the best were recompeting, and the Marquesas, who barely missed the cut for finals, were sitting in the audience.  The announcer was about to award the rankings for “the most prestigious” title in the entire competition. While the teams in finals clenched each others’ hands hoping to hear their name, th...

Power of the heat

Power of the heat

Tiffany Lau

May 20, 2010

Girl friends join together in a heat yoga class   Read More »...

Marquesas states competition

Marquesas states competition

Ingrid Chang

February 14, 2009

This Saturday the Marquesas dance team will be competing at home for eligibility at national championships Read More »...