Power of the heat

Tiffany Lau

Girl friends join together in a heat yoga class


There are those who hate working out in the heat (which is why there are air conditioned gyms) and then there are the select few who prefer it. Seniors Bianca Andrews, Jordan Kilbourn, sophomore Emma Courtright and their friends took a class of Bikram, or heat yoga, together.

Bikram yoga, isn't like any other yoga class. The key difference is that a series of 26 poses are repeated in a room heated between 95 and 105 degrees fahrenheit. The heat did not deter Andrews, Kilbourn, Courtright and their friends. Because they had a month off after cheer Nationals they decided to take the opportunity of trying out Bikram.  They went to classes everyday for an hour and half for the month of April.Seniors Bianca Andrews, Jordan Kilbourn, sophomore Emma Courtright and other friends take on a month long challenge of Bikram or "heat" yoga together. Photo taken from www.yogalifestyle.com.

"It doesn't really feel like exercise when you're there," Courtright said. "Plus, I think it's more fun when you go with friends, even though they don't let you talk in class."

It's not the heat that really matters, but the bond these girls have when they go to class together. Andrews first asked one friend, senior Sandra Cukic, to join her in a class, but soon others heard about it and wanted to join them as well. It was a gang of friends who just wanted to do something together.

"It's fun to go through different types of things with friends," Andrews said.

During their month off from cheer, the girls decided to do something productive to keep themselves in shape.

"None of us wanted to do a gym membership because [sometimes] you have to be 18 [years old], so we decided to do yoga," Andrews said.

For them, yoga allowed them to chat with one another during their 15 minute commute to Yoga Source Los Gatos as well as support one another and have fun in a heated room. What's a better way to watch friends do funny-looking poses?

"Being with friends really motivates you because you don't want to be the stupid one that can't do it," Kilbourn said. 

Friends see things others don't, and for these girls, they got to see each other sweat like crazy.  Instead of sharing blood to form a bond, they decided to share their cars, time and sweat.