El Estoque

Photo by Claire Yang | Used with permission

Diminished club attendance during the distance learning school year

Justin E Kim and Abdullah Memon February 10, 2021
Taking a look at how various clubs have become inactive during the pandemic
Illustration by Iman Malik. This is a fishbowl that represents a fishbowl discussion. The six other fish are talking while one of them is lonely.

Speaking up: How teachers work with students with speech anxiety

Sophia Chen and Alyssa Hui March 11, 2020
Teachers explain their ways of dealing with student anxiety when speaking in class
Speech and Debate Club's SCU Tournament

Speech and Debate Club’s SCU Tournament

Anjali Singh January 9, 2020
MVSD competes in annual league tournament at Santa Clara University
Students settle down as the club officers begin introducing themselves and go over a short presentation about the club. Photo by Claire Yang

Korean Club: Dancing into the new year

Claire Yang September 27, 2019
Officers introduce the club with a K-Pop choreography guessing game
In order to raise public awareness and pro-activeness towards diabetes, bikers from around Cupertino came to bike and donate to the fund. Photo by Alyssa Umino

Cycling fundraiser: Ride4Diabetes

Sarah Young, Alyssa Umino, and Annie Zhang September 16, 2019
Annual biking event supports diabetes advocacy on Sept. 8
The Breadwinner: A look into senior Vincent Tran's bread endeavors

The Breadwinner: A look into senior Vincent Tran’s bread endeavors

Annie Zhang October 12, 2018
Meet Vincent Tran, the famed MVHS bread man
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