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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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Many concerts include pits, areas where attendees can stand close to the stage and experience their favorite artists up close.

In the pit

Jiya Singh December 22, 2022
Amplifying the stories of the MVHS community at concerts
Candy Cane Lane: According to Amy Young, this song, sang at choir’s Winter Concert on Dec. 16, was chosen since several students sang it in previous years, and wanted to bring back the songs positive feelings.

Planning performances

Brandon Xu December 20, 2022
Examining how the music department decides what songs to play in concerts
61,404,621 minutes

61,404,621 minutes

Jami Lim and Darpan Singh December 17, 2022
Exploring the listening habits of the MVHS community
Senior Iona Xia performs the Ruan at a senior center. Photo courtesy of Iona Xia | Used with permission

For the community

Melody Cui and Vincent Zhao December 16, 2022
MVHS students share about the community service that they do outside of school
Rapper Ye has recently come under fire for a series of controversial tweets and statements.

To Ye or not to Ye

Sameer Maheshwari, Gauri Manoj, and Darpan Singh December 16, 2022
Examining Ye’s anti-semitism and what it means to be a fan
Behind the notes

Behind the notes

Megha Mummaneni November 4, 2022

Photo courtesy of Clay Carson | Used with permission Megha Mummaneni · Behind the notes As junior Noah Vin enters the Los Altos church, he sets down his cello case and gets ready to warm up....

String Orchestra students perform symphonies at the Fall Concert which took place Oct 28.

MVHS Band and Orchestra capture Halloween spirit in its Fall Concert

Samika Bhatkar October 31, 2022

The MVHS Band and Orchestra hosted its first concert of the year in the school’s auditorium on Friday, Oct. 28. The Fall Concert titled “Incantations and Dances” was performed by four instrumental...

The album cover for “BORNPINK” has simple white background with pink fangs. This showcases the duality of the group with the contrast of the color pink and the fangs

“BORNPINK” merges the old with the new

Pranati Kotamraju September 30, 2022
Blackpink’s second studio album diverges from prior releases yet still maintains Blackpink’s essence
From left to right: YNR Sway, Ethanerino, Arune Sarma. Graphic by Aditya Shukla | El Estoque

Rapping provides escape

Aditya Shukla and Justin E Kim February 12, 2022
A look into the FUHSD rapping scene
A violinist, a saxophone player, and a pianist describe how they balance schoolwork and staying motivated to practice.

Listening in on the music of practice

Crystal Cheng February 11, 2022
How musicians at MVHS approach their craft
The Sounds of MVHS

The Sounds of MVHS

In this package, El Estoque's Arts & Entertainment Section uncovers the quotidian sounds that fill the rooms of MVHS and define unique memories, whether it be the laughter that traverses classrooms...

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