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Singing Valentines: Quarantine Edition

Singing Valentines: Quarantine Edition

Vivian Jiang and Claire Wen February 14, 2021
MVHS Choir revises their Valentine’s Day tradition
Photo courtesy of California All-State Music Education Conference

MVHS Music Department’s All-State Band and Orchestra members

Aditya Shukla and Devin Gupta February 8, 2021
How All-State band programs are managed through the screen
A scene from senior Conner Yin's music video for his song,

From the soul

Diya Bahl January 26, 2021
Exploring the motivation behind MVHS students’ own music
Spotify's 2020 wrapped allows students and staff to reflect on their past year in music

All wrapped up

Anushka De, Mikaylah Du, and Shivani Verma December 5, 2020
Discovering the stories behind the songs and artists students and teachers listened to most in 2020
Graphic by Annie Zhang

This is ________: Music and the human condition

From “Edelweiss“ to "808s & Heartbreak,” music is nestled within our day-to-day Zoom breaks, karaoke sessions and midnight adrenaline rushes. Read more about MVHS students and teachers’ nostalgic...

Band Director John Gilchrist talks to wind ensemble through zoom (photo used with permission of John Gilchrist)

COVID-19’s impact on the MVHS Band

Tina Low and Minjae Kang October 27, 2020
How Concert Band’s new instructor and students have adapted to virtual practices
Director of Marching Band John Gilchrist stands in front of Monta Vista, beaming  //  Used with Perrmisson

JOHN GILCHRIST: The new marching band director

Anika Sharma October 17, 2020
Getting to know John Gilchrist and his plans for the future of the music department
Promotional Worlds 2020

Take Over: League of Legends Worlds at Shanghai

Justin E Kim and Aditya Shukla October 6, 2020
Insight into the massively popular Esports championship
Junior Jacob Vrabel began learning to play the guitar over the summer with help from his parents, as his dad has played guitar for 15 years, and his mom has played since she was young.

Budding musicians

Claire Wen September 25, 2020
Students share about learning new musical instruments during quarantine

K-pop’s cultural appropriation issue

Tyler Cho and Irene Tang September 19, 2020
Students and alumni weigh in on problematic racial representation within the Korean music industry
Reflecting on Logic’s departure from music in his final album

Reflecting on Logic’s departure from music in his final album

Aditya Shukla September 13, 2020
Exploring “No Pressure” to understand his reasons for leaving the rap game
The album art for Juice WRLD's posthumous rap album

Summer 2020 music releases provide needed relief during COVID-19

Gauri Manoj September 13, 2020
Students discuss new releases and how COVID-19 has influenced the music industry
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