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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

From self-sufficiency to self-destruction

From self-sufficiency to self-destruction

Kripa Mayureshwar June 2, 2023
Understanding how my obsession with independence led to isolation
Competitive academic culture and overwhelming workloads lead students to experience burnout

The breaking point

Jami Lim June 1, 2023
Examining students’ experiences with burnout and where it stems from
The mentality that the lighter you are, the better you perform has woven its way into many sports, particularly endurance sports and performing arts.

Would I be faster if I were skinnier?

Anika Bhandarkar May 8, 2023
Rethinking how MVHS addresses body-image issues in sports
The 1968 art horror film Hour of the Wolf explores the nature of dark thoughts intruding on ordinary life.

Drawing a line between art and suffering

Jami Lim March 20, 2023
Understanding the role of dark themes in entertainment and mental health
I was formally diagnosed with depression and anxiety nearing a year ago, and sharing about it in any form felt like I was viscerally tearing myself open.

Spill Your Guts

April Wang, Staff Writer March 3, 2023

Honestly, I’m okay with being vulnerable about my depression and anxiety. I know there’s a stigma against people with mental illnesses, but personally, it was never that I was afraid of...

Glass children are often overshadowed by their siblings, even when it is unintentional.

Glass Child

Meggie Chen February 17, 2023
Exploring how mental illness touches the lives of siblings
MVHS students voice their opinions on different aspects of therapy.

Should I get help?

Melody Cui and Sarah Liu February 16, 2023
Examining different opinions on the stigma surrounding therapy
Some musical terms and their meanings | Graphic by Anika Bhandarkar

The keys to passion

Anika Bhandarkar November 5, 2022

Anika Bhandarkar · The keys to passion I’ve been playing piano since I was five and a half. Over 3,500 hours of my life have been dedicated to piano — running through scales, technique exercises...

The young forever album cover features Nessa Barrett in angel wings, with an angelic aura surrounding her

‘young forever’ uncovers a plethora of emotions

Aashi Venkat October 18, 2022
Nessa Barrett’s debut album sheds a spotlight on mental illness
Catadors #2: The secret to happiness

Catadors #2: The secret to happiness

Sonia Verma, Graphics Editor October 12, 2022

Alt text Panel 1: School can suck at the beginning. Panel 2: It can be hard to focus. Panel 3: Sometimes it gets lonely. Panel 4: You might fail a test or two. (I know I have). Panel...

Huichol earrings made by Hernandez. Photo by Adriana Hernandez | Used with permission.

Photo courtesy of Adriana Hernandez | Used with permission

Mental health first

Anika Bhandarkar October 11, 2022

Lindsey Tang In addition to practicing the violin and playing basketball, junior and Social Media Manager of the Bullet Journaling Club Lindsey Tang often turns to bullet journaling as a form of self-care....

Encouraging people to suppress their emotions results in a dangerous internal buildup, at which point the person struggling is bound to erupt

There’s silence before the eruption

Aashi Venkat September 2, 2022
How I am unlearning the so-called “emotional maturity” I was trained to display as a child
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