El Estoque

Interact Club: Preparing for the upcoming year

Photo by Justin Rajah // Used with permission

Ishaani Dayal

October 12, 2019

Officers focus on building connections inside and outside of the club for members this year

Practical jokers

Practical jokers

Michelle Chen and Ishaani Dayal

September 25, 2019

Teachers explain the process of pranking colleagues or students

In Constant Flux

In Constant Flux

Ashish Samaddar

September 30, 2013

From year to year, the popularity of certain classes has varied, especially amongst honors and AP classes. In a two-year time span, AP Calculus AB rose from 150 students to 213, and AP Chemistry fell from 186 students to 144. In addition, since its inception two years ago, World Core has risen to 264...

English teacher Mikki McMillion wins Goldin Award

English teacher Mikki McMillion wins Goldin Award

Joyce Varma

May 28, 2013

When she received a phone call in March informing her that she had won the Goldin Excellence in Education award, English teacher Mikki McMillion thought it was a prank call. She did not even know she had been nominated for the award. Deborah Vanni, a Homestead High School literature teacher who f...