El Estoque

Meeting while miles apart

One of the first conversations Miransh Das (qraq) had with another user on his Discord server.

Mikaylah Du, Staff Writer

September 12, 2020

Exploring the world of online friendships

MVHS comes down with symptoms of senioritis

Candid Photo

Rachel Jiang

February 6, 2020

Examining teacher perspectives on working with second semester seniors

Teachers share perspectives on luck in their lives

Teachers share perspectives on luck in their lives


November 21, 2018

Teachers and students recall the unlucky and lucky moments in their lives

A Fresh Start for MV Sprouts

A Fresh Start for MV Sprouts

Brian Xu

October 26, 2018

Junior Heather Bassman flicks the cap off her plastic water bottle. Rather than raising it to her mouth, she lowers it to a tray of fresh soil and seedlings, tilting the bottle to maintain a steady trickle of water over each plant. Satisfied, she caps the bottle and sets it to the side. As president of...

VIDEO: Summer road trips with Hajjarian and Jones

Kathleen Yuan

September 9, 2013

Biology teachers Pooya Hajjarian and Kyle Jones share stories of their summer road trips to Los Angeles and Portland. Read More »...



Alexandria Poh

October 30, 2012

  What got you started with motorcycling? Honestly, in college, parking is a real issue. If you live on campus and you have to park at school it’s very expensive, it’s a hundred dollars a quarter to park, but motorcycle [parking] is like $30. And I thought,“Well, they’re much easier t...