El Estoque

Senior Matvey Jenssen wears a self-made T-shirt with the phrase “no war” printed across the front in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Reacting to the Russia-Ukraine War

Anna Kaminitz, Jisha Rajala, and Matthew Yoshimoto April 27, 2022
Exploring student and staff perspectives on the humanitarian crisis
Since the beginning of 2021, 156 books have been challenged across the United States.

Book bans are on the rise

Jisha Rajala and Lillian Wang April 6, 2022

In early January of this year, the McMinn County School Board in Tennessee unanimously voted for the removal of “Maus,” a graphic novel by Art Spiegelman focusing on Jewish experiences during the Holocaust,...

Teachers take their own tests

Crystal Cheng and Jisha Rajala December 6, 2021
History, French, Physics and Calculus teachers share advice for test-taking
Social Science teacher Hilary Barron shares a photo of her daughter, Elizabeth Julien. Photo by Hilary Barron | Used with permission

Staff baby boom leads to long-term substitutes

Devin Gupta and Jisha Rajala October 3, 2021
Exploring staff and students’ reactions to long-term sub situations
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