El Estoque

Sushma Bana rests dias in her backyard for Diwali celebrations.

How US and India traditions compare

Jannah Sheriff and Anna Kaminitz November 9, 2021
Community members discuss differences between Diwali celebrations
Senior Vy Pham works in the cafeteria at the end of the lunch period.

Students work in the cafeteria

Jannah Sheriff November 9, 2021
With the introduction of free brunch and lunch, student employees assist in food prep
Long-term substitute Stephanie Bodnaruk poses for a photo.

Matador family adds members to its ranks

New staff share more about where they're coming from and what brought them to MVHS
50 fresh faces

50 fresh faces

The Class of 2025 shares its initial thoughts about MVHS
Kelli Kosakura dribbes the ball before an opponent after the MVHS team gained posession.

Girls Basketball defeats Fremont High School 37-23

Jannah Sheriff, Jayanti Jha, and Elena Khan May 30, 2021
MVHS maintains a lead throughout all four quarters
Jasmine Varma leads a pack of runners at a SCVAL race at Baylands Park

Trying out

Jannah Sheriff May 19, 2021
Rearranged seasons cause some student athletes to try out new sports
Flowers rest outside of two of the Atlanta spas targeted by the shootings

Anti-Asian hate crimes surge during the pandemic

Jannah Sheriff April 8, 2021
A recent rise in violence and hate crimes against Asian Americans has sparked concern and fear among the community.
Victorine poses with his family on Halloween

A fraction of time

MVHS community members in different age groups reflect on the pandemic year in the context of their lives
A womans arm is being cleaned in preparation for the vaccine injection.

Don’t Miss Your Shot

Scientists used RNA technology to create the COVID-19 vaccine, yet its fast-paced development and distribution caused concerns about side effects as vaccines are administered to essential workers.
Jessica Ridgway recieves the vaccine.

Phase 2: The Distribution

Devin Gupta and Jannah Sheriff February 12, 2021
Exploring the success and opinions surrounding the first wave distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine
MLK links arms with protestors at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, 1963

The continued erasure of MLK’s legacy

Jannah Sheriff January 24, 2021
The portrayal of the leader as passive and accommodationist damages our capacity to continue his fight for radical change

MVHS students help council member Rishi Kumar adapt to COVID-19 while he runs for Congress

Rachel Jiang June 19, 2020
How political campaigns have changed in the pandemic era
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