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Leadership implements changes in homecoming court nominations

Leadership implements changes in homecoming court nominations

Avni Prasad

October 22, 2014

Leadership decided to make a series of changes to the homecoming court nomination system. These changes included restricting voting for homecoming king and queen to seniors for the first round and allowing teachers to vote for homecoming court as well, in which a teacher’s vote would weigh more tha...

Princes and princesses make homecoming court more relevant

Rather than crowning only two seniors this year, Student Recognition expanded the Homecoming Court to include students from all grades. This new change allowed underclassmen to participate, yet still gave seniors the credit they deserve.

Nathan Desai

October 13, 2012

How could anyone dislike Homecoming? Everything about the week is spectacular. From Powderpuff to the football game to the dance, Homecoming is a week that is often considered one of the most sacred parts of the high school tradition. MVHS does a great job to make sure every student can have a...

Homecoming Court announced

Homecoming Court announced

Namrata Ramani

October 1, 2012

On Oct. 1, Homecoming Court was announced as follows: Boys: Thomas Barber Nikitas Kanellakopoulos Arnon Karnkaeng Sanjeev Ranga Tommer Schwarz Omer Yosef Girls: Cathy Ang Britni Chon Serena Chew Vivian Duong Hadar Sachs Emily Wong In early September, seniors nominated 20 ...

New system implemented for Homecoming Court

New system implemented for Homecoming Court

Rachel Beyda

September 24, 2012

 On Sept. 18, Homecoming Court nominations were opened for all students. Unlike past years when only seniors were honored, a Prince and Princess will now be chosen from each underclassmen grade. There will only be one round of voting to determine those positions. Like always, the senior class ...

Homecoming Court announced

Homecoming Court announced

Akshay Agrawal

October 2, 2011

After two weeks of voting, the student body has chosen its Homecoming Court. On Oct. 1, Civics commission visited the homes of the six boys and six girls on Homecoming Court, congratulating them and providing them with gift baskets—candy for the boys and tiaras and bracelets for the girls. The members of Homecoming Court, in...

Homecoming process altered to increase student participation

Selene Rubino

October 7, 2009

Along with uncertainty about the future of Homecoming floats come changes to the Homecoming process Read More »...