Homecoming process altered to increase student participation

Selene Rubino

Along with uncertainty about the future of Homecoming floats come changes to the Homecoming process

Dramatic changes have been made to the Homecoming voting process this year as ASB attempts to increase student body participation in the annual event. 

In previous years, seniors were the only ones able to nominate the top 12 students for Homecoming Court. This year, the Homecoming Court will be decided through a two-tier system. Seniors first nominate the top 12 girls and 12 boys, the entire school then votes for the Homecoming court (top 6 girls and 6 boys). These votes are used to decide the Homecoming king and queen.

Student Recognition Commission lead senior Ruby Jang believes that this new voting system will promote fairness and allow for more student body participation.

"A bigger pool of [voters] helps to make the court more diverse," Jang said.

Rather than revealing this year’s Homecoming king and queen at the Homecoming game, the coronation is set for the Homecoming rally. This way, football players are eligible to be nominated for court. Previously, football players were not allowed to be nominated for court because the pre-game and half-time court appearances would interfere with warm-up and the game.

Even so, the court will continue the tradition of riding in Thunderbirds at the Homecoming game.