New system implemented for Homecoming Court

New system implemented for Homecoming Court

Rachel Beyda

 On Sept. 18, Homecoming Court nominations were opened for all students. Unlike past years when only seniors were honored, a Prince and Princess will now be chosen from each underclassmen grade. There will only be one round of voting to determine those positions. Like always, the senior class will go through a series of nominations and will later vote to narrow down the nominees for the Homecoming Court and the Queen and King.

 According to Student Recognition Commission lead senior Sherry Roohi, students have often complained that ASB officers are usually elected King and Queen. The idea was that if ASB officers had already been elected during their first three years, some new people would have a chance as seniors. “It will give us a chance to recognize more students and make the experience special for the underclassmen as well ,” Roohi said.

Last year’s Homecoming Court celebrates after the winners are crowned. This year a Prince and Princess will be honored from each underclassmen grade along with the traditional senior Homecoming Court.

Although many are embracing the new system, some are not so fond of it.

“We should stick to the tradition,” sophomore Tara Hatami said. “It makes it more special for the seniors.”

The senior nomination results are to be announced on Sept. 24, after which the second round of voting will start. The Student Recognition Commission intends to keep the Prince and Princess results a secret until the Homecoming football game on Oct. 12, though the winning Princes and Princesses will be notified beforehand.