El Estoque

A graphic created on Canva featuring the outfits of 4 MVHS students and staff.

Students and staff share how they select outfits for school

Tvisha Gupta September 2, 2021
From comfy to cute to casual, school fashion is in full swing
Discovering Depop

Discovering Depop

Shreshta Ranganathan, Staff Writer May 22, 2021

Neither of my parents grew up with money, and for the majority of my childhood, neither did I. We are a family of immigrants who moved to America in desperate need of a fresh start. My mother was a teenager...

Examining the environmental harms of poorly constructed clothing. Illustration | Sophia Ma

Let’s stop supporting fast fashion

Melody Cui April 3, 2021
Examining the environmental harms of poorly constructed clothing

A touch of home

Arjan Madan, Staff Writer April 2, 2021
How fabrics, utensils, and trinkets help MVHS students and staff connect to their heritage
A collage featuring Dark Academia (left) and Cottagecore (right)

Cottagecore vs. Dark Academia: A detailed comparison

Shivani Madhan January 26, 2021
Exploring the popularity and controversies surrounding two trendy aesthetics
Sophomores Angela Doncsev and Nikita Swaminathan model the Lav and Butterfly hoodies.

Creative entrepreneurs for a cause

Andie Liu October 31, 2020
MVHS students start clothing and accessory businesses and raise funds for coral restoration, children in need, COVID-19 and BLM
The beauty behind the mask

The beauty behind the mask

Amber Milesi, Staff Writer October 17, 2020

unior Bhavya Kadiyala bought a few outfits for the fall season. Yet the most noticeable addition to her outfit was the patterned silk mask tucked under her arm as she browsed the aisle of face coverings....

Senior Catherine Vo posted fan art of mxmtoon in the strawberry dress on @cadphy, her Instagram account.

Strawberries À La Mode

Shivani Verma September 25, 2020

Pale, blush pink fabric. Delicately puffed sleeves and soft frills. A long skirt made up of layers of airy tulle. And most eye-catching of all — glittering ruby strawberries looking almost delectable...

Evolution of style in quarantine

Evolution of style in quarantine

rom high fashion Parisian-inspired apparel to leisure wear, MVHS students have been changing up and expressing themselves through fashion while in quarantine. As students adapt to distance learning, their...

Junior Matthew Whong, Assistant Principal Michael Martinez and junior Sumer Hajela pose for photos wearing their favorite sneakers. Photos by Anish Vasudevan

If the shoe drips: self-expression through sneakers

Hannah Lee December 19, 2019
Students use shoe customization as a form of self-expression
Child actors have unfair pressures and responsibilities placed upon them

The Famed Youth: Dehumanizing children in the entertainment industry

Emily Xia and Aditi Dixit November 24, 2019
We should support the personal passions and pursuits of young celebrities
A passion for fashion: Fashion club members express why they love fashion

A passion for fashion: Fashion club members express why they love fashion

Sarah Young, Graphics Editor March 15, 2019

he big curtain had been lying on her mother’s shelf for a while now, gathering dust. Its thick fabric, worn with time, faded into a light navy blue. While it might have been a waste of space for her...

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