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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Senior Yash Thapliyal shaves as part of his daily routine.  Photo by Krish Dev

Let it grow

Chiran Arumugam and Krish Dev November 18, 2022

Growing up in the 80s, U.S. Government teacher Benjamin Recktenwald noticed that most people didn’t have visible facial hair — except for his dad. Wanting to follow his father’s footsteps, and because...

Why are consumers fixated on apparel logos?

Why are consumers fixated on apparel logos?

Chiran Arumugam and Samika Bhatkar October 9, 2022

Business teacher Lenore Espanola, a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast, says she looks out for changing trends among what students are wearing.  “Right now I see girls wearing a combination of an...

The concept of one size fits all, predominantly oriented around one size fitting smaller bodies, is harmful.

Expanding past size zero

Aashi Venkat and Anabelle Walker October 9, 2022
The consequences of corporate resistance to include diverse body types
Is it too much?

Is it too much?

April 27, 2022
A walk down memory lane, showing how my taste in clothes has evolved to be more modest.
Graphic by Kripa Mayurweshar

What it means to dress differently

April Wang February 16, 2022

As a child, sophomore Lemon Liu was often mistaken as a boy, and even now, their appearance sometimes leads to confusion over their identity. She can recall multiple times when people used he/him pronouns...

A view of 2022

A view of 2022

Jiya Singh and Shivani Verma February 12, 2022

While 2021 brought in a wave of trends including wearing sweater vests and playing games such as League of Legends, the start of the new year brings in a fresh set of these trends. Look ahead for more...

Tie-dye revival

Tie-dye revival

Aditya Shukla December 12, 2021
Delving into the resurgence of hippie fashion in the MVHS community
A graphic created on Canva featuring the outfits of 4 MVHS students and staff.

Students and staff share how they select outfits for school

Tvisha Gupta September 2, 2021
From comfy to cute to casual, school fashion is in full swing
Discovering Depop

Discovering Depop

Shreshta Ranganathan, Staff Writer May 22, 2021

Neither of my parents grew up with money, and for the majority of my childhood, neither did I. We are a family of immigrants who moved to America in desperate need of a fresh start. My mother was a teenager...

Examining the environmental harms of poorly constructed clothing. Illustration | Sophia Ma

Let’s stop supporting fast fashion

Melody Cui April 3, 2021
Examining the environmental harms of poorly constructed clothing

A touch of home

Arjan Madan, Staff Writer April 2, 2021
How fabrics, utensils, and trinkets help MVHS students and staff connect to their heritage
A collage featuring Dark Academia (left) and Cottagecore (right)

Cottagecore vs. Dark Academia: A detailed comparison

Shivani Madhan January 26, 2021
Exploring the popularity and controversies surrounding two trendy aesthetics
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