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The Famed Youth: Dehumanizing children in the entertainment industry

Child actors have unfair pressures and responsibilities placed upon them

Emily Xia and Aditi Dixit

November 24, 2019

We should support the personal passions and pursuits of young celebrities

A passion for fashion: Fashion club members express why they love fashion

A passion for fashion: Fashion club members express why they love fashion

Sarah Young, Graphics Editor

March 15, 2019

he big curtain had been lying on her mother’s shelf for a while now, gathering dust. Its thick fabric, worn with time, faded into a light navy blue. While it might have been a waste of space for her mother, for senior and Fashion club co-president Bernice Lin, it was her first step into designing h...

Paid Pride

Paid Pride

Hannah Lee and Ayah Ali-Ahmad

March 2, 2019

ouble tap. She scrolled through the endless posts of the outfits that her fashion inspirations and friends flaunted, making a mental note of the brands that they were wearing. Looking at her own closet, she sighed, feeling unsatisfied. Sophomore Annie Lo has always been interested in the latest fash...

A joyous stitch

January 26, 2019

There’s nothing a pair of scissors can’t fix. That’s how junior Chloe Wu-Breshears, treasurer of Fashion Club, views the production of clothing. She and other club members contribute to the  unique range of backgrounds, inspirations and personal tastes found in room F112 every other Monday. Encoura...

Pop some tags

Pop some tags

Alyssa Hui and Kamyar Moradi

November 21, 2018

Thrift shopping serves as a cheaper alternative to conventional shopping

Stripped down: fast fashion’s impact

Stripped down: fast fashion’s impact

Sara Entezar, Design Editor

September 8, 2018

With a seemingly endless cycle of what’s considered ‘fashionable,’ the demand for new trends is at an all time high, McKinsey&Company studies. With high-waisted short after off-shoulder top after fishnet tights, clothing industries are pressured to formulate a method to accommodate demands at a r...

It’s all in the details: embroidery with Fashion Club

Chan’s materials for the workshop tutorial. They consist of thread, paper, and a small container. Photo by ZaZu Lippert.

Karen Sanchez

November 17, 2017

s students trickled in as the rain poured down outside on Thursday, November 17, junior Chantelle Chan, Fashion Club’s vice president, gathered a group together and began explaining how to add the details that can make or break a garment: embroidery. Senior and Fashion Club president Kavin Sivakum...

The Hype Surrounding HYPEBEAST

The Hype Surrounding HYPEBEAST

Hannah Lee

August 18, 2017

Sophomore Evan Yu anxiously sits in front of his computer and refreshes Supreme’s homepage every Thursday at 8 a.m. While others might be sleeping in, Yu waits patiently for the New York skateboarding brand’s homepage to load in hopes of snatching clothes or accessories from its new collection. ...

Aesthetics: Creative expression in fashion

Aesthetics: Creative expression in fashion

Elizabeth Han

October 9, 2016

There’s something about Formal Day that lures even the least-spirited students to join the Homecoming fun. Their fingers cling onto their best piece of clothing: the flowing blue dress or the painfully form-fitting suit reserved for special occasions. It’s the one day when classmates don’t questi...