El Estoque

Outside of their element: MVHS faculty commuting to school

Cars commute towards their work.

Leanna Sun and Shivani Gupta

November 24, 2019

Exploring methods of transportation that MVHS faculty use to get to school and what they listen to while doing so

A Minority’s Point of View

A Minority's Point of View

Laasya Koduru and Stuti Upadhyay

November 21, 2018

Senior Jade Tsao is passionate about connecting with her African-American culture. She reads books about African-American history, gets involved with protests and movements like Black Lives Matter and loves to talk to her dad about her culture. Ethnically, Tsao has been a minority in her community for...

New faces fill old shoes

Attendance technician Supriya Lawrence sits at her desk in the main office. Lawrence had previously worked as a librarian for an elementary school before coming to MV. Photo credit Andrea Perng.

Andrea Perng and Tyler Cho

September 1, 2018

or assistant principal Janice Chen, it was the thrill of coming back to her alma mater, to the place where she had begged for rides to lunch outings, where she had sweated bullets competing on the volleyball team. It was her graduation ceremony, with the warm sun glaring into her eyes and beating down ...