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It’s time to vote local

It's time to vote local

Robert Liu

September 24, 2020

Local advocacy can be more impactful than participating in the national election conversation

MVHS students present motion sensor jackets to Cupertino City Council

MVHS students present motion sensor jackets to Cupertino City Council

Jasmine Lee

September 16, 2017

student with cerebral palsy wanders through the crowded halls during a passing period, attempting to navigate his way through without bumping into anyone. He struggles to stay upright and safe as students push past him in order to get to their classes. Finally, someone knocks him aside, putting him into...

City Council to vote on reusable bag ordinance supported by Sierra Club

As part of their effort to pass a reusable bag ordinance, Sierra Club has been working to gain support from the community. A significant portion of its activities includes a petition in support of the reusable bag ordinance. Logo taken from sierraclub.org.

Eva Spitzen

January 15, 2013

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, Cupertino City Council will vote on the Reusable Bag Ordinance. If passed, the ordinance will require stores within Cupertino to charge a minimal fee for plastic bags in an attempt to reduce their usage. Sierra Club will appear before Cupertino City Council to advocate the ordinance. The MVHS Sierra Club, in addition to their appearance...

Gov Team addresses City Council

Gov Team addresses City Council

Simran Devidasani

April 4, 2012

Senior Srinivasan Srikumar rose to the podium. “Good evening Council Members,” Srikumar said. “We are the Monta Vista Government Team, and today we are here to present our proposal to revive Vallco.” During an April 3 City Council meeting, Gov Team introduced a plan to rejuvenate Vallco Shoppi...

City Policy: The road less traveled

City Policy: The road less traveled

Kriti Garg

December 15, 2009

Community and council divided on opening the Scenic Circle gate for students Read More »...