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Cupertino City Hall repersents the home of the City Council

Candidates running for Cupertino City Council

Meet Joseph Fruen, Kitty Moore, Steven Scharf and Hung Wei

 On Nov. 3, Cupertino residents will vote in the municipal general election for their City Council members. Among the many prevalent issues this year, candidates will debate two main issues: housing and transportation. 

Every eight years, the California state legislature assigns each city a minimum amount of required housing, called the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA). In the 2012 to 2019 cycle, Cupertino developed just 19 of the 1,400 units that they were allocated. The 2020 City Council members will be responsible for planning the next eight years of regional housing.  


*Candidates are listed in order of last name; order doesn’t indicate preference. 


In the 2018 city council election, less than 20% of residents voted. This year, with additional obstacles caused by shelter-in-place orders, candidates will not be door-knocking or conducting meet and greets, placing a larger emphasis on monetary campaigning, such as mail flyers. The results of this election host future consequences for development initiatives, open-transportation and school programs. On November 3, residents can vote by completing their ballot in the mail.



Catherine “Kitty” Moore
Charlene Lee
Joseph “J.R.” Fruen
Steven Scharf
Hung Wei

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