Cupertino needs new progressive leadership

Why we should elect JR Fruen and Hung Wei

Cupertino needs new progressive leadership

Abdullah Memon

To many, Cupertino may be one of the most idyllic places to live. Our city is home to great schools, beautiful neighborhoods, diverse communities and relatively low crime . Yet many of us are in our little bubble where our city’s problems are hidden.

Our state being reliably safe for Democrats nationally and the lack of any prominent state elections often results in more competitive local elections. Here in Cupertino, we face a diverse set of issues, from the lack of affordable housing to a dysfunctional city government. Voting has now started in California, and the results can be a referendum on how our current leadership has handled these issues.

One of the most significant issues facing Cupertino, and the rest of the Bay Area, is the extreme housing affordability crisis. Sky-high rent and multimillion-dollar homes are pushing some of our most essential residents, such as teachers, working families and firefighters, out of the city. Some are even pushed into homelessness, like SJSU professor Ellen Tara James-Penny, who had to live in her car due to local rent and housing prices.

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