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Recycling and reusing are one of the values my parents have instilled in me.

Recycle, reduce, reuse BournVita jars

Jayanti Jha December 16, 2020
How I dealt with a bout of eco-grief
Clashing views on the climate crisis

Clashing views on the climate crisis

Ritu Atreyas October 27, 2020
Exploring‌ ‌how the upcoming election has environmental consequences
This image from NASAs terra satellite was able to capture the huge swath of smoke generated by the California wildfires.

Let’s address climate change

Neysa Singh September 11, 2020
Examining recent effects of climate change from Earth Overshoot Day to California’s current condition
This image from the NASA Earth Observatory demonstrates the extent of Californias 2020 wildfires and the burn scars left on the state. Used with permission | NASA

The California wildfires impact the FUHSD community

Oishee Misra August 30, 2020
Students and staff receive evacuation notices due to spreading wildfires
An Earth Day promise

An Earth Day promise

Stuti Upadhyay April 22, 2020
COVID-19 presents an opportunity to pursue climate action with renewed vigor
Senior Isabelle Dingli, an Australian citizen, spent her winter break in Melbourne, about 100 miles away from the nearest fires, but she says the air quality impacted her.

Up in flames: Australian bushfires from July 2019 continue to devastate

Ishaani Dayal and Tina Low February 11, 2020

Since late July 2019, Australian wildfires have ravaged over 26 million acres of land and destroyed over 3,000 homes. After the deaths of three American firefighters on Jan. 23, the fatality count rose...

Photo used courtesy of Creative Commons

The Greta Thunberg hate train

Claire Yang February 7, 2020
Why conservatives’ hatred for Greta Thunberg is ignorant and shameful
Firefighters join together to combat the Australian wildfires that have ravaged the nation since late July 2019.

Australian wildfires: Lack of media attention demonstrates global apathy

Shuvi Jha February 5, 2020
Exploring the media coverage of the Australian wildfires
Recalling the best and worst of 2019

Recalling the best and worst of 2019

Shuvi Jha and Sreya Kumar January 10, 2020
Looking back at the best and worst moments of 2019
Left in the dark

Left in the dark

Jai Uparkar and Jayanti Jha November 23, 2019
Examining the effects of the PG&E power outages
During March of 2018, MVHS students hosted a school walk-out in order to protest against gun violence in America.

Meaningful Protesting

Oishee Misra September 25, 2019
Refuting my previous belief that protesting is ineffective
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