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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Senior Rokiya Elhak changes her name to Amanda when ordering at coffee shops

Playing the name game

Chiran Arumugam and Darpan Singh June 4, 2023
Examining how names and pronunciation play a role in the classroom
From formal suits to sparkly dresses to leaf-like wings, students went all out for prom this year

Prom 2023 lookbook

Chiran Arumugam and Aashi Venkat June 1, 2023
Taking a look into what students wore to prom
The visa voyage

The visa voyage

Chiran Arumugam and Darpan Singh April 26, 2023
MVHS community members share experiences with U.S immigration policy
Speaker Jennifer Cheng describes her experiences with higher education and finding the right career.

Photo by Aditya Shukla | El Estoque

TEDxMV holds its spring speaker event

Chiran Arumugam and Aditya Shukla April 18, 2023
Guest speakers gave presentations to the MVHS community

EE Tries Sports: Football

El Estoque competes against the MVHS Varsity Football team in Flag Football
Illustration | Chiran Arumugam

Early bird or night owl?

Chiran Arumugam, Staff Writer February 24, 2023
Examining students’ morning and evening routines
Senior Jaebeum Cho used to go by J. Cho to prevent mispronunciations, however after gaining appreciation for his name in recent years he has started going by Jaebeum.

Actually it’s pronounced…

Chiran Arumugam and Darpan Singh December 27, 2022
Examining the struggles behind ethnic names in America
Salma Rezeik puts on makeup in a scene of Elhaks film Absentia, where Elhak uses clip overlap to characterize the subjects mind racing.

You can study that?

Chiran Arumugam, Staff Writer December 13, 2022
Students and alumni share their opinions on stigmas around certain college majors
MVHS students with bad parking are often posted on the instagram account @mv_bad parking

Over the line

Chiran Arumugam and Vincent Zhao December 4, 2022
MVHS students share their experiences of being caught by anonymous instagram account @mv_badparking
Senior Yash Thapliyal shaves as part of his daily routine.  Photo by Krish Dev

Let it grow

Chiran Arumugam and Krish Dev November 18, 2022

Growing up in the 80s, U.S. Government teacher Benjamin Recktenwald noticed that most people didn’t have visible facial hair — except for his dad. Wanting to follow his father’s footsteps, and because...

Homemade Hipster: Banana Smoothie Bowl

Chiran Arumugam, Staff Writer November 5, 2022

Learn how to make a fun, healthy, banana-based dessert, combining ice and cocoa powder for a cold, refreshing taste!​​ Ingredients: Two bananas, sliced into thin circles One-fourth cup milk...

The album cover, a blurry image of Lanez contrasted with bright and dark colors, previews a multitude of emotions showcased throughout the album.

‘Sorry 4 What’ is an unapologetic failure

Chiran Arumugam and Sameer Maheshwari October 13, 2022

“I'm not tryna be here for a long time / Just, just a good, good time / I got a lot of s— weighin' on my mind” “Sorry 4 What” encompasses aspects of Lanez’s personal and musical growth in...

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