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A protest of a lifetime: searching for freedom

A picture of the Gao family is cased in a broken frame. The Gao family was once together until Peter Gao, Geng He and Grace Gao moved to America in 2009. Used with permission

Ishaani Dayal and Rachel Jiang

June 8, 2020

irst arrested in 2006, lawyer and human rights activist Gao Zhisheng was released in 2014 after withstanding severe mistreatment and torture in solitary confinement at an underground facility in China, while his wife, son and daughter escaped to California. But two years later, he disappeared, leaving his...

College crossroads: exploring four MVHS teachers’ unique college experiences

College crossroads: exploring four MVHS teachers’ unique college experiences

Brian Xu

June 2, 2019

As students navigate through their four years at MVHS, thoughts of college and careers undoubtedly brew in their minds. But amid the bustle of projects and exams, there is one group of people that is often drowned out — who have come from vastly different walks of life, pushed through college experiences...

China currently holding Muslims in “re-education camps”

China currently holding Muslims in “re-education camps”

Zara Iqbal, Opinion editor

January 19, 2019

“For four days, they strung me up. My toes barely brushed the ground. For four days, they didn’t let me sleep. Tormenting me, torturing me.” This is only a fraction of the intense torture Omar Bekali went through when he was detained. Bekali is a Kazakh citizen who was born in China and lived there for 30 years. He was in Kazakhstan when Chinese officials escalated the separatism; the day after he came back to Xinjiang ...

Gone for Five Years

Gone for Five Years

Collin Qian, Web Editor

November 7, 2018

It was impossible for me to look at my dad without drenching my collar in tears, knowing it would be a full year until I would see him again. I endangered many trees by soaking paper towels in the car, at the check-in desk, at the airport and on the airplane itself. I was probably as annoying as the...