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Favorite childhood dishes

Favorite childhood dishes

Brian Xu February 9, 2021
Community members share about revisiting recipes during quarantine
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Rediscovering chess

Krish Dev, Opinion Editor February 8, 2021

  My first experience with chess was in first grade, when I went to a chess club after school for the first time. My mom signed me up as she thought it would be fun, and she was absolutely right....

Books that I've read throughout my childhood. Photo by Sophia Chen

Fantasy vs. Reality

Sophia Chen, Copy Editor January 8, 2021
How my romanticization of book characters led me to set unrealistic expectations
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A throwback to childhood trends

Sophia Chen and Suraj Gangaram October 30, 2020
Students reminisce on nostalgic toys and trends from their childhood from the past two decades
How movies instill stereotypical ideas in the younger generations

How movies instill stereotypical ideas in the younger generations

Jasmine Lee and Claire Yang January 8, 2020

Peter Pan. Dumbo. Snow White. Tom and Jerry. We’ve grown up watching these films — cheering on as Peter Pan and his cohort of Lost Boys battled Captain Hook, and sighing in defeat when Snow White bit...

The Damage Done

The Damage Done

Michelle Chen and Jacqueleine Liu October 25, 2019
Students and staff share their personal experiences being disciplined as a child
Holding onto my childhood passion

Holding onto my childhood passion

Jasmine Lee October 24, 2019

hat began as an ambitious attempt to one-up an academically-outstanding classmate in kindergarten transformed into my ultimate passion. The piano and I go way back; I remember how I raced to my Taiwanese...

Childhood: An exploration of our past

Childhood: An exploration of our past

A collection of stories reminiscing about our childhood and how it impacts our future
Pokémon HearGold was the first Pokémon game I played on the DSi.

Gotta catch ’em all

Zara Iqbal, Copy editor October 23, 2019
I reflect on my long-lasting love for the Pokémon franchise
El Estoque's childhood music picks

El Estoque’s childhood music picks

Lakshanyaa Ganesh and Jasmine Lee October 17, 2019

There are many things that enriched our childhood, from toy cars to jump ropes. And while we have outgrown these childhood staples, music has always accompanied us. Here are El Estoque’s favorite childhood...

Physics and chemistry teacher Julie Choi poses at her graduation ceremony.

Teachers being pushed out of the comfort zone

Tyler Cho and Claire Wen September 26, 2019
Teachers share how they overcame their reserved personalities
The trampoline girls

The trampoline girls

Swara Tewari, Features editor February 8, 2019

Okay, look. I was only in it for the trampoline. At first.   The entire spring of 2010, my sister, neighbor and I had enviously watched the girls across the street jump on their trampoline....

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