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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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El Estoque

Buscher and her friends pose for a photo during their choir trip to Los Angeles

Staff stories: Blossoming into your own

Taryn Lam and Aashi Venkat April 12, 2023
AP Secretary Joelle Buscher shares two of her memorable childhood hobbies and her thought process behind discovering her passion
As a child, I was loud and extroverted, and wasnt affected by others perceptions of me.

Unlikely inspiration

Anika Bhandarkar March 20, 2023
A lesson from 5-year-old me
Barbara Frei (right) and her grandmother Marie Jager in the 70s.  Photo courtesy of Barbara Frei | Used with permission

Staff Stories: Growing up and moving out

Taryn Lam and Aashi Venkat December 13, 2022
Study buddy coordinator Barbara Frei shares tales of her childhood in Switzerland
 Third grader Mark Carpenter dresses up as a pirate for Halloween, and explains that they will always be a pirate at heart

Staff stories: Always a pirate at heart

Taryn Lam and Aashi Venkat September 30, 2022
Mark Carpenter shares life-defining tales of ignorance, curiosity and gratitude
No matter how dark the world gets, I continue to view it as beautiful through my rose-tinted glasses

I live in a pink world

Aashi Venkat November 4, 2021
How my perception of the world has changed
Graphic | Sophia Ma

Forgiveness that comes from a snack

Sophia Ma September 18, 2021
Reflecting on the change in a parent’s role from child to child
Favorite childhood dishes

Favorite childhood dishes

Brian Xu February 9, 2021
Community members share about revisiting recipes during quarantine
Graphic of title with a lilac and beige checker background.

Rediscovering chess

Krish Dev, Opinion Editor February 8, 2021

  My first experience with chess was in first grade, when I went to a chess club after school for the first time. My mom signed me up as she thought it would be fun, and she was absolutely right....

Books that Ive read throughout my childhood. Photo by Sophia Chen

Fantasy vs. Reality

Sophia Chen, Copy Editor January 8, 2021
How my romanticization of book characters led me to set unrealistic expectations
Graphic by Sophia Chen

A throwback to childhood trends

Sophia Chen and Suraj Gangaram October 30, 2020
Students reminisce on nostalgic toys and trends from their childhood from the past two decades
How movies instill stereotypical ideas in the younger generations

How movies instill stereotypical ideas in the younger generations

Jasmine Lee and Claire Yang January 7, 2020

Peter Pan. Dumbo. Snow White. Tom and Jerry. We’ve grown up watching these films — cheering on as Peter Pan and his cohort of Lost Boys battled Captain Hook, and sighing in defeat when Snow White bit...

The Damage Done

The Damage Done

Michelle Chen and Jacqueleine Liu October 25, 2019
Students and staff share their personal experiences being disciplined as a child
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