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Reading: my disappearing constant amid rapid change

Photo courtesy of Chris Lawton, Unsplash.

Dhruvika Randad, Staff Writer

March 27, 2019

There I lay in my bed, under a thick, pink comforter, with the stack of “Geronimo Stilton” and “Garfield” comic books, obtained from my weekly visit to the library. With my stack of books, a water bottle and a couple of munchies, I was ready for my reading marathon as I spent Saturday consumed in...

Booked up

Booked up

Claire Wen and Oishee Misra

October 15, 2018

iterature remains the only course at MVHS that students must take for all four years of high school. For some, it’s an enjoyable experience, while for others, it does nothing but elicit groans of distaste. Whether the novel is about a tragic love story (‘Romeo and Juliet’), the crumbling socie...

Pages of the past

Pages of the past

Michelle Wong

April 17, 2017

Co-written by Ananya Bhat Catcher in the Rye British Literature teacher Randy Holaday "My sister and my dad really liked it so I had really high expectations for the book, and it just wasn’t for me. It was too modern and too, frankly, stupid. I couldn’t see the connections between it and my own experiences. And I...

Literature teachers discuss popular fiction books

Literature teachers discuss popular fiction books

Amita Mahajan

December 17, 2015

While most students picture their Literature teachers solely spending time reading classic literary fiction and revising essays, many teachers have read popular books of the 21st century. Below are three Literature teachers’ opinions and critiques on young adult series such as Harry Potter, The Hunge...

Freshman Alicia Marzolf self-publishes

PHOTO CAPTION: The cover of freshman Alicia Marzolf's first novel. Abby's Secret, published in October, details the consequences of two people's mistake, and the actions they take to preserve their relationships with others. Photo used with permission of Alicia Marzolf

Maya Murthy

May 26, 2014

Marzolf speaks about her novels. Read More »

E-books negatively impact the way we absorb information

At City Lights bookstore in San Francisco, employees are passionate about preserving the paper book.

Kristin Chang

January 16, 2014

E-books are convenient, but books provide for deeper reading experience. Read More »...

Book: ‘The Future of Us’ makes for a quick, one-time read

Book: ‘The Future of Us’ makes for a quick, one-time read

Stephanie Chang

December 4, 2011

The future is yours to take. Jay Asher (Thirteen Reasons Why) and Carolyn Mackler (The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things), two of the most renowned authors in Young Adult literature, team up o write the novel, “The Future of Us.” Set in 1996, the story follows two high school students, Emma and Josh, ...

When more means less

When more means less

Alexandria Poh

November 9, 2011

Every chair at every table is filled. A long line forms for seats at a computer. Whether they are frantically cramming for an AP Biology quiz or trying to make some time for pleasure reading, many students are spending their free time in the school library. Meanwhile the librarians are trying to make sure the library doesnít exceed its maximum cap...

Outside the box

Outside the box

Tiffany Lau

November 6, 2009

Unlike the usual literature class, Humanities goes outside of Cupertino to learn Read More »...