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The MV IASA officer team kicks off Spotlite on India 2022 with a welcome from President and senior Atmaja Patil.

IASA hosts first in-person Spotlite on India in two years

Shivani Madhan and Jiya Singh April 18, 2022
Diving deeper into the night of cultural performances
Auditioning for the MV Bhangra team to face my fear of humiliation

I don’t dance

Anushka De, News Editor May 22, 2020
Facing my fear of humiliating myself through Bhangra
Andaaz captain and junior Akshat Rohatgi says the team has always been interested in working with Raas and Bhangra, as they are all Bollywood and hip-hop fusion dance clubs. This is the first time these three teams have collaborated for a rally performance. “I feel like we give back to the school in a way [when we perform],” Rohatgi said. “We just love performing in general at shows, and especially at rallies since we performed at the Homecoming Rally earlier this year.”

A photo recap of the Winter Dynamic Duos Rally 2020

Charlotte Chui and Ayah Ali-Ahmad February 19, 2020
How the 2020 Winter Rally changed to a team rally
Prospective MV Bhangra members attend workshops in order to learn and perfect a short routine. Prior dance experience was not required in order to attend, since they were taught the basics.

MV Bhangra: From missing advisor to new team

October 12, 2019
MV Bhangra changes advisors and conducts tryouts to start off the 2019-20 season
Preparing for Spotlite

Preparing for Spotlite

Shuvi Jha April 12, 2019

Each year, the Indo-American Student Association (IASA) hosts Spotlite on India, a show that aims to showcase various aspects of Indian culture, such as music, fashion and dance. Featuring dance acts by...

Show time for MVHS Raas

Show time for MVHS Raas

Stuti Upadhyay February 8, 2019

The first few months of a new year are busy for most MVHS students: full of tests, projects, standardized testing, extracurriculars and much more. But for the MVHS Raas team, the period between January...

Senior Sabina Law and Leslie Ligier dance as the captain watch.

Welcoming diversity: The non-Indian dancers of MV Bhangra

Jai Uparkar November 21, 2018
MVHS Bhangra team has more ethnic diversity on their team than previous years
Leading a Lasting Legacy

Leading a Lasting Legacy

Jai Uparkar September 23, 2018

he odds seem to be stacked against the captains of MV Bhangra. It is  the first time in many years that all the leaders are new to the position. On top of that, they are responsible for finding new and...

Taking the floor: What makes different Indian dances unique

Taking the floor: What makes different Indian dances unique

Michelle Wong November 15, 2017

n a school where the student body is 83 percent Asian, influences from different Asian cultures are especially prominent. One such way for South Asian students to express their cultural heritage is through...

Can’t Stop the Feeling: Bhangra dancers prepare for their final performance

Can’t Stop the Feeling: Bhangra dancers prepare for their final performance

Shriya Deshpande May 31, 2017

ne team, one practice every Friday, one final performance for the school year: as the Bhangra team prepares to spring into their performances, they receive a final word of advice and a wealth of encouragement...

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