El Estoque

World War 3 becomes a meme

Used with permission from Parssa Alimadad

Robert Liu and Collin Qian

January 10, 2020

How the influx of WWIII memes affects MVHS students’ and teachers’ views on world events

50 Questions with Ben Recktenwald

50 Questions with Ben Recktenwald

Hannah Lee and Stuti Upadhyay

November 24, 2019

nspired by Vogue’s video series ‘73 Questions,’ El Estoque sits down with U.S. History and Government teacher Ben Recktenwald to ask him 50 questions. Recktenwald describes his favorite politician, recalls the worst date he’s ever been on, and shares some of the life lessons he has learned. ...

New rides of MVHS

New rides of MVHS

Claire Wen and Helen Chao

March 13, 2019

Sushma Bana Fuel efficient and capable of gliding down the road as if in an ideal frictionless situation. As a math and physics teacher, this is Sushma Bana’s description of her dream car. However, when her 19-year-old Honda Accord broke down before she expected it to, and repairs cost more than t...

Dressed to impress: Senior Zarek Peris dresses up after Halloween

Dressed to impress: Senior Zarek Peris dresses up after Halloween

Sneha Gaur

January 14, 2016

Like any other Monday, U.S. Government teacher Ben Recktenwald scheduled a reading quiz for his AP classes on Nov. 2. Yet unlike any other Monday, his third period AP Government class didn’t frantically flip through their textbooks or catch up on the news using their phones. Instead, they stared at...