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50 Questions with Brian Chow

50 Questions with Brian Chow

Krish Dev, Website Editor September 22, 2021

Inspired by Vogue’s video series “73 Questions,” El Estoque sits down with Art teacher Brian Chow to ask him 50 questions. Chow shares his most embarrassing moment, his favorite childhood memory...

An oil painting of oranges done by MVHS alumnus Brett Park

Art after high school

Kripa Mayureshwar April 4, 2021
The stigma against pursuing non-STEM related paths after high school

Part 1: The Problem

Prisha Tiwari and Mikaylah Du April 1, 2021
Investigating how declining student enrollment at MVHS has affected course allocation
Competition Culture

Competition Culture

Exploring the experiences of students in our community who participate in various contests and competitions


Gavin Hung and Tanish Mendki March 23, 2021

Although junior Olivia Tsui has been practicing art ever since she was a child, her first competitive experience was the school-wide competition hosted by her Chinese school. Tsui then discovered that...

Artists take on animating for the first time

Artists take on animating for the first time

Kripa Mayureshwar and Ayah Ali-Ahmad March 14, 2021
Students from Advanced Multimedia share and reflect on their first animation project
A digital drawing made by Olivia Tsui of her friends character Finn.

“That’s not REAL art”

Mikaylah Du, Staff Writer January 26, 2021
Exploring what is or isn't considered proper art

Through the brush stroke

Anna Jerolimov December 7, 2020
Examining the processes of three MVHS visual artists
Senior Catherine Vo posted fan art of mxmtoon in the strawberry dress on @cadphy, her Instagram account.

Strawberries À La Mode

Shivani Verma September 25, 2020

Pale, blush pink fabric. Delicately puffed sleeves and soft frills. A long skirt made up of layers of airy tulle. And most eye-catching of all — glittering ruby strawberries looking almost delectable...

Photo by Jodi Johnson | Used with permission

Transitioning from a hands-on to hands-off classroom proves challenging

Justin E Kim and Mira Wagner September 18, 2020
Students and teachers explain the adjustment to learning over Zoom
Park customized this shoe for a friend and is his favorite design of all the shoes we has painted.  “I think its my favorite not because it looks good necessarily,” Park said. “I really enjoyed the process because I took a big break from customizing shoes, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. So then I just kind of got re-inspired when she asked me to paint her shoes.”

Customization Craze: Students turn everyday accessories into a form of self-expression

Jai Uparkar May 27, 2020
MVHS students share the stories behind their painted shoes and water bottles
Senior Patricia Saito folded an origami phoenix model, created by Hongyi Wan.

Crafting origami creations

Charlotte Chui April 9, 2020
Three MVHS students share the process behind the art of paper folding
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