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Knee injuries

Knee injuries

Andie Liu May 15, 2021
MVHS student athletes and a physical therapist discuss difficulties, recovery and prevention
FUHSD participates in Culturally Responsive Education training

FUHSD participates in Culturally Responsive Education training

Andie Liu April 2, 2021
Nine MVHS staff members take part in a 5-month-long online course with FUHSD
Graphic by Rachel Jiang

Plotting the Future

Examining course allocations at MVHS through the lens of declining enrollment

Part 2: The Process

Devin Gupta and Andie Liu April 1, 2021
Examining how MVHS makes course allocation decisions
MVHS alumnae 18 Mikaela Lee competes at a kung fu tournament

Martial Arts

MVHS students participate in judo, karate, kung fu and taekwondo
Sophomores Angela Doncsev and Nikita Swaminathan model the Lav and Butterfly hoodies.

Creative entrepreneurs for a cause

Andie Liu October 31, 2020
MVHS students start clothing and accessory businesses and raise funds for coral restoration, children in need, COVID-19 and BLM
Yosemite, 2012

Q&A with my mom

Andie Liu May 21, 2020
Asking my mother about herself during quarantine
It’s okay to take it easy

It’s okay to take it easy

Andie Liu April 30, 2020
Why we need to decrease expectations of ourselves during COVID-19
Dear healthcare workers

Dear healthcare workers

Andie Liu April 10, 2020
A letter of gratitude for our heroes
Face masks are among the PPE items in need.

COVID-19 creates resource shortages for healthcare workers and community members

Andie Liu and Anjali Singh April 6, 2020
Stanford and West Valley Community Services provide for those in need of assistance
Senior Nate Reyes lies on his seat as he prepares for the procedure while holding on to senior Allison Wu, who smiles at him.

Students participate in annual Stanford Blood Drive

Anushka De, Rachel Jiang, and Andie Liu January 11, 2020
Stanford Blood Center addresses the low number of donors in the past few years
Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) visits schools to determine the level of education being provided to students

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

Anushka De and Andie Liu January 10, 2020
A timeline of events regarding WASC
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