El Estoque

Junior Pramath Doddaballapur smiling and posing for a picture with fellow swimmers after the first swim meet of the season | Photo Krish Dev


Krish Dev and Aashi Venkat May 7, 2022
Finding happiness in sports
Senior Ashley Twu hangs out with her friends in the rally court.

MVHS hosts Neon Lights Dance

Sonia Verma and Lillian Wang April 10, 2022
Students attend the first dance on campus in two years
Graphic by Justin Kim

Dancing forward

Taking a look at the goals and memories of MVHS's dance organizations
History teacher Hilary Barron dances with the Orchesis Dance Company at Cal Poly. Photo courtesy of Hilary Barron | Used with permission

Back in action

Michelle Zheng and Michelle Chen March 17, 2022
MVHS teacher athletes discuss their journeys through sports
Senior Rudra Phalnikar poses at the end of the routine during MV Dance Teams December to Remember showcase.

MV Andaaz members unpack the past year

Gauri Manoj March 9, 2022
Captains and members share their memories and hardships
MV Raas practices their routine for an upcoming performance and are positioned in a formation, holding up their dandiya sticks.

Everything upcoming for MV Raas

Geethikaa Tarra March 4, 2022
Showcasing experiences of members of this Indian dance team
Korean Clubs Dance Crew performs a circular pose from K-pop group TWICEs What is Love in MVHSs Duo Rally. Photo by Krish Dev

What’s in store for KCDC?

Justin E Kim and Minjae Kang March 3, 2022
Korean Club’s Dance Crew explains the motivations and challenges behind their performances
Seniors Shivani Verma and Esha Ramchurn stand in the front as MV Dance Team performs an in-sync whole team routine. Photo by Krish Dev

The MV Dance team hosts “A December to Remember”

Melody Cui, Krish Dev, and Gauri Manoj December 25, 2021
Students perform in their first showcase since quarantine
Graphic by Mikaylah Du

Auditioning for the Santa Clara Vanguard

Anika Sharma December 8, 2021
Discussing my feelings throughout the audition process
Sophomore Ace Chow wearing his football gear | Photo Courtesy of Ace Chow

Preparing for the big game

MV athletes share different ways that help them get ready before their game
Athletes share about how they got into their sports

Athletes share about how they got into their sports

Kalyani Puthenpurayil and Angela Zhang October 23, 2021

MVHS athletes reflect on how starting their sport at an early age affected their lives and shaped their identity. These athletes share their memories associated with their sport from when they were younger...

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