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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The task of cleaning my room always seemed so unachievable I would just give up after trying for a few minutes.

Does this spark joy?

Sarah Liu September 28, 2023
How I learned to clean my room
Sheltering students from information that parents deem inappropriate robs students of a quality education.

Us vs. them

Niveda Hari and Sarah Liu September 27, 2023
The parental rights movement undermines comprehensive education
Finding my voice

Finding my voice

Alyssa Yang June 11, 2023
Understanding how to let myself be heard
Voicing my insecurities

Voicing my insecurities

Meggie Chen June 2, 2023
Learning to stop disliking my own voice
From self-sufficiency to self-destruction

From self-sufficiency to self-destruction

Kripa Mayureshwar June 2, 2023
Understanding how my obsession with independence led to isolation
I think you should...

I think you should…

Exploring the MVHS community's opinions on giving and receiving advice
Recycled actors in purported Asian films ironically reveal the lack of diversity that plagues the film industry.

It’s the same people

Meggie Chen April 17, 2023
Recycling actors reveals a lack of Asian representation in the entertainment industry
My grandparents struggled to accept my academically-inclined nature, attempting instead to have me stick with more traditional beliefs.

Bridging the gender gap

Tvisha Gupta April 15, 2023
Working with my grandparents to break their traditional beliefs
Valuing nutritional values too much can lead to dangerous hyper-fixation, making it essential to draw a line between nutritional education and nutritional obsession.

Nutritional education must accommodate for students who have struggled

Aashi Venkat March 25, 2023
Discussing the problematic nature of urging students to track their eating
Women often feel compelled to get rid of certain linguistic tendencies and phrases to talk more like men

Stop policing how women talk

Sarah Liu March 24, 2023
Advising women to change their language contributes to conformity to masculine norms
High schools should distribute free condoms to promote positive sexual behaviors.

Changing contraception culture

Sarah Liu and Gauri Manoj February 12, 2023
Why high schools should make condoms free and easily-accessible
The moment the emptiness began to feel like too much, I crammed my schedule full of work.

Stressing about no stress

Tvisha Gupta February 8, 2023
Giving myself the room to breathe while unlearning my constant need to work
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