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Not so easy: being a feminist in today’s age

Not so easy: being a feminist in today's age

Shuvi Jha

November 24, 2019

How overused platitudes of empowerment oversimplify the feminist movement

The perception of Muslims

The perception of Muslims

Zara Iqbal

October 29, 2017

    In World Core, we watched a mini documentary called “30 Days: Muslim and America” about a Christian man who “became” a Muslim for 30 days. He performed close to everything an average Muslim would do — pray five times a day, read the Qu’ran and attended Friday prayers, a...

Winner of Miss America 2014 helps break traditional beauty stereotypes

Gabriella Monico

October 7, 2013

An unexpected occurrence happened at this year’s Miss America Pageant: An Indian woman snagged the crown. And the best part of all was her embracement of her beautiful dark skin and her pride in her heritage. The Miss America Pageant did a wonderful job at disregarding race and picking the best contestant...