Merch madness

Exploring four types of merchandise on campus

Whether it is a conference, a tournament, a concert or a sports game, there is merchandise made for almost everything and found almost everywhere. Walking through the halls of MVHS, students donned in merchandise is a common sight. Merchandise has branched out beyond apparel made only for musicians and events — it’s extended to class t-shirts that read “AP Physics 1” and marching band sweatshirts that have “drumline” printed on the front. Regardless of the purpose behind wearing merch — whether it is to flex that you attended a concert, to show support for your favorite influencer or to remind yourself of a fond memory — it is undeniable that merchandising has seemingly consumed our culture.

In this package, we explore four types of merchandise on campus: students in advanced placement classes, concert-goers, fans of social media influencers and student-athletes. Click here to read the package.