El Estoque

Juniors taking the CAASPP take a lunch break after their first math testing session on May 12. Photo by Sophia Chen

CAASPP testing during COVID-19

Sophia Chen, Copy Editor May 20, 2021
Examining the logistics behind in-person standardized testing
Cultural melodies

Cultural melodies

Sophia Chen, Copy Editor April 4, 2021
Looking into three different MVHS students who play traditional instruments
Nine songs that capture the different shades of love

Valen-tunes for Valentine’s Day

Sophia Chen and Shivani Verma February 14, 2021
Nine songs that capture the different shades of love
Senior Sophia Chen and her friends enjoy a socially distanced birthday party. Photo by Sophia Chen // Used with permission

Vacationing during a pandemic

Mira Wagner, Staff Writer January 16, 2021
Students share their opinions about traveling during quarantine
Books that I've read throughout my childhood. Photo by Sophia Chen

Fantasy vs. Reality

Sophia Chen, Copy Editor January 8, 2021
How my romanticization of book characters led me to set unrealistic expectations
Senior Maddie Lee for the camera at a Sharks game with her family. Photo courtesy of Maddie Lee | Used with permission

This is Sharks Territory

Prisha Tiwari, Staff Writer November 6, 2020
Students and staff share fan experiences with the local San Jose Sharks
Graphic by Sophia Chen

A throwback to childhood trends

Sophia Chen and Suraj Gangaram October 30, 2020
Students reminisce on nostalgic toys and trends from their childhood from the past two decades
An emerging alternative

An emerging alternative

Michelle Chen and Sophia Chen October 26, 2020
Examining opinions surrounding community college in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent increase in community college enrollment
Senior Winter Bloom posts a video on TikTok and adds text to make her content more relatable. Photo by Winter Bloom | Used with Permission

TikTok trends

Gauri Manoj September 25, 2020
Students discuss the latest trends on the popular social media app
Park customized this shoe for a friend and is his favorite design of all the shoes we has painted.  “I think it's my favorite not because it looks good necessarily,” Park said. “I really enjoyed the process because I took a big break from customizing shoes, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. So then I just kind of got re-inspired when she asked me to paint her shoes.”

Customization Craze: Students turn everyday accessories into a form of self-expression

Jai Uparkar May 27, 2020
MVHS students share the stories behind their painted shoes and water bottles
Merch madness

Merch madness

Exploring four types of merchandise on campus
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