A Look Inside: Behind the Scenes of MVHS Students

Different quirks of the students at MVHS

Hannah Lee, Emily Xia, Ayah Ali-Ahmad, Gauri Kashik, and Tabitha Mendez


e grudgingly wake up at 6:30 every morning. Brush teeth, take a shower, shrug on clothes and head to school. Sit through classes, hang out with friends during breaks, eat during lunch, endure some more classes, then we’re on our way back home.

Going to school has become a cycle, a dull repetition of habits that we continue to stick to each day. To many students, MVHS is just an institution that breeds stress, asides from the occasional conversations with friends throughout the day. Almost three thousand students and staff members collected in one area, and yet we only consistently talk to at most 20 people.

Although most don’t realize it, our campus is rife with stories and talents, experiences and wisdom. Have you ever wondered what that quiet girl in your fifth-period classroom is thinking? What that teacher down the hall may be secretly good at? These might seem insignificant, but perhaps the small things really do matter. With more awareness for each individual, MVHS might mean more than work and gloom — it might mean connections and collaboration.

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