El Estoque

Seniors Diya Bahl and Anika Somasundaram take a selfie to capture their memories at the event.

Class of 2022 keeps up annual tradition of Senior Sunrise

Jayanti Jha and Nika Zamani August 24, 2021
Seniors commemorate the beginning of their last year at MVHS
Spotifys 2020 wrapped allows students and staff to reflect on their past year in music

All wrapped up

Anushka De, Mikaylah Du, and Shivani Verma December 5, 2020
Discovering the stories behind the songs and artists students and teachers listened to most in 2020
Unhomely Fandoms

Unhomely Fandoms

Tabitha Mendez and Anish Vasudevan March 11, 2020

Senior Sean Fell When he was younger, senior Sean Fell would participate in heated Madden and NBA 2K video —game battles with his older brother. His brother, a fan of the Bay Area teams, never let...

A Look Inside: Behind the Scenes of MVHS Students

A Look Inside: Behind the Scenes of MVHS Students

Different quirks of the students at MVHS
Science department: A strange scent

Science department: A strange scent

Helen Chao March 19, 2018

During fetal pig dissections in biology and sheep heart extractions in physiology classes, not only do students have to fret about breaking a scalpel, but there’s also the curious scent from the preserving...

English teacher Matt Brashear’s Mythology and Folklore students participate in the newly introduced breathing exercise on May 2. Faculty hopes that the pilot week will reveal positive results as students evaluate the merits of meditation as a form of stress relief. Photo by Ambika Dubey.

Faculty pilots ‘Take 10 Deep Breaths’ activity

Yashashree Pisolkar May 5, 2014

Teachers encourage students to participate in breathing exercise during the week of April 27 to promote stress management.   “Try to sit up straight as you do this,” English teacher...

‘Iron Chef’ competition leads to sweet success

‘Iron Chef’ competition leads to sweet success

Anjali Bhat December 7, 2013

Leadership’s Student Recognition commission hosted the Iron Chef cooking competition modeled after the famous Food Network show, on Dec. 8. If foods had several components, such as a filling or a garnish,...

Powderpuff 2012

Powderpuff to be postponed because of early Homecoming

Amol Pande September 5, 2013

Homecoming week has traditionally included events such as the football game, eponymous rally and the Powderpuff games and cheers. In the past, all of these activities took place in mid-October, but...

ASB officers discuss upcoming plans

Legislative Council aims to foster communication with students

Varsha Venkat August 22, 2013

Student representatives from each fifth period class will meet with Leadership monthly to discuss changes and new additions to school activities. Since MVHS opened its doors in 1969, the Leadership...

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